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    Can anyone let me know why car audio and video equipment is so expensive? The stereo in my two-year old car eliminate a few weeks ago and I are already quoted a price of $1500 from my dealer for the replacement. Consequently, I have began to search for car audio and video equipment online, which I should buy and retrofit to my personal car and possibly stretch your budget. However, a lot of the auto audio supplies online may also be very costly.

    We've not an issue paying for a quality product, but does a car stereo really cost $2000? We are also wanting to get a subwoofer as well as additional speakers, however, many of the prices listed seem very high. Does anyone determine if buying second-hand audio equipment for any vehicle a very good idea? We've looked at a few listings on eBay for car stereos as well as the price is a bit more affordable, but obviously second-hand equipment will not have any kind of guarantee, right? Also, can anyone recommend a fantastic mobile entertainment equipment supplier? Ideally I am looking for the best online supplier, because i live in a province and do not prefer to travel much.

    car audio Austin 

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